Armor-Dilloz Tube & Tyre Sealant

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Our customers have been asking for this, so here it is... Armor-Dilloz, the military-grade tube and tyre sealant!

Available in two types, the RED Armor-Dilloz is designed for wheel (and riders) that stay under 50 km/h, with the slightly thicker BLUE Armor-Dilloz for those that exceed 50 km/h.

Want to know more about it? Check out what Jimmy Chang has to say about Armor-Dilloz.

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Armor-Dilloz works with both tubes and tubeless tyres and was designed specifically for PEV (e-scooters, EUC and One Wheels).

Full details of the product and doaage can be found at, but in general you need about 4oz for any EUC (except the Mten3, which needs only 2oz) or 3-4oz per tyre on an e-scooter.

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So far so good

Easy yo use and should last for a good few tyre changes with the bottle provided. Very happy with it and glad to have 0 punctures thus far 400km and climbing.

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Worth the protection!

I have Armor-Dillloz in my S22 tyre and when I'm 30km into an off-road trail the last thing I want to think about is how to get my wheel out if I have a puncture. I've used this or similar products (but this one is rated better) in all my 4 wheels and ridden several thousand kilometres on roads and rough trails without issue. Only rating it 4 stars because I don't know if it's ever been called into use on my wheels for me to see it working myself, but I'm confident from seeing it demoed that it will greatly improve the chance of being able to ride home if I ever get a puncture, and maybe I have had one and it's already saved me! Must have. Wouldn't consider riding without this.

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