8" Pedals (grey)
  • 8" Pedals (grey)

King Song Pedals

GST included Usually delivered (within NZ) in 3-5 days.

Replacement pedals for King Song electric unicycles. Will fit;

  •  KS-14 S / M / D
  •  KS-16 (all models)
  •  KS-18 (all models except the S18)

Note: The 9½" pedals are exclusively for the KS-16X. The 8" & 10" pedals fit all other listed models (except the 16X).

Pedal Size
In Stock

Whether you are replacing your worn out 8" pedals or looking to upgrade to the new larger size 10" version, you have come to the right page.

The new larger (black) pedals have an additional 50 mm in length, meaning riders with larger feet will find that these pedals provide a much more dynamic riding experience and with a more comfortable ride.