One of the challenges with an electric unicycle (EUC) is that they aren't too common (yet). And this means that some people are reluctant to invest in a premium wheel, in case it just isn't their "thing." And even if you are committed, learning to ride will potentially result in some wheel damage, so it makes sense to consider a "beginner wheel."

Which is why we are offering a "trade-up" option on our King Song 14M wheels!

This means that you can go through the learning curve for a much smaller investment, and when you are ready for a more serious wheel will buy that wheel back (at a fair price) allowing you to upgrade to a better wheel. Which is ideal, as it gives you time to learn what you want from your EUC and select an appropriate model.

So for someone who is keen (but cautious), this may be the way for you to take that first step!

Any questions regarding our EUC Trade-up Offer, please feel free to contact us.