Please use the following links to assist in downloading the relevant smartphone app;    

King Song App

     Official King Song site for Android and iOS:

     Direct link to the Apple App Store:

     Direct link to the Google Play Store:


     Note: If you are having issues with the current Android App (v3.19), try the previous version com.kingsong.dlc_3.1.8.apk.



With the apparent demise of IPS it is now even harder to source their app, though it was never easy as different editions of the same wheel model would only work with specific app versions. Based on that, the apps below may or may not work with any given IPS wheel model. Feel free to download, install and try them out;

     IPS App for Android - Nov. 2015:

     IPS App for Android - April 2016:

    IPS App for Android - Sep. 2017: