About The Fat Unicyclist!

This all began sometime in 2015 when my commute was too short to justify driving, but too long to walk practically (mainly due to hills that were a part of my route) Long story short, looking around online I stumbled onto electric unicycles (EUC) and ended up buying a cheap one to see how viable it was as a transport solution.

After some effort and focus I found I was actually riding, and it was great - it feels like nothing else I have done before, and I loved it. Unfortunately I happen to be on the heavier side, and my cheap little wheel wasn't quite coping with getting me up the hills... So I started looking further into these EUC things to find out more.

That is when I found what would have to be (IMHO) one of the best available resources for "everything EUC" on a forum dedicated for this purpose - https://forum.electricunicycle.org/ - Having now found this awesome resource I needed to sign up so that I could talk with these people, and being one of these anonymous internet things that was when "The Fat Unicyclist" was invented (basically he's a guy that looks a lot like me, but on top of a wheel).

Being able to tap into this awesome resource, I learned more about the options that met my needs and upgraded to a "proper" EUC. Which meant that I could start commuting on a regular basis - Riding more and more... And the more I rode, the more I wanted to ride.

Seriously, this electric unicycle thing is addictive!

I also started seeing the beneficial side-effects - Better health in general and less money spent on petrol and parking. And that is when the realisation happened - I can save money and improve my health, while having a lot of fun in the process. I think that realisation is when this became my passion!

Since then I have travelled to Australia, Singapore and the United States to try different wheels (most not easily found in New Zealand) and learned as much as I can about this rapidly evolving technology / sport / lifestyle. And now I just want to share everything I know.

So I hope this website proves useful for you, and that it might just provide a new way for you to enjoy getting to where you need to be.

The Fat Unicyclist!


About Roll.nz

Roll.nz is the culmination of "everything above". Having gone down the rabbit-hole that I have, I now believe that these Personal Electric Vehicles (PEV) provide a viable alternative transport solution - Something that makes so much sense in New Zealand, but for some reason they just aren't that common here. Which is what we want to change.

We are just a small start-up, but our objective (passion?) is to share this technology and help many more of you travel happier and (of course) greener at the same time!

And at a high level, it goes something like this...

One of the challenges that we face in New Zealand is a lower population density than some places overseas. The upside to this is less people crowding in on your personal space. But the downside is that it costs a lot more to provide a decent public transport solution.

But we do have reasonable public transport in a lot of our larger metropolitan areas - the problem is that it may not be as close or as frequent as would be desirable. And this is where PEV come into the picture...

Whether it is moving you between the public transport and home / work, or moving you the whole way  - using a PEV can be a serious and practical solution!

Our offerings include both electric scooters and electric unicycles, but either way it provides an alternative transport solution that will save you time and money, while also being a lot of fun at the same time.