EUC Superstand (shown carrying a  King Song16X)
  • EUC Superstand (shown carrying a  King Song16X)
  • The EUC Superstand!

EUC Superstand

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Introducing the EUC Superstand! A premium product that is the only stand you will ever need for your EUC.

  •  Designed for all pedal sizes.
  •  Able to take a load of up to 50kg (110 lb).
  •  Fully adjustable width.
  •  Choose wing-nuts (for quick changes) or hex nuts (for spanner lovers).

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After seeing the stresses that some 3D printed stands were taking with the weight of the newer (heavier) wheels, we got to thinking...

Those thoughts evolved into the EUC Superstand, an EUC stand that is different to all others;

Basically it consists of two pieces of acrylic placed vertically (allowing it to take a much heavier load) and fastened together by two rods.

The rods are fully threaded, allowing the side pieces to be separated by a variable distance. This means it will work with everything from an IPS i5 right through to the KS-16X (which we found out is even wider than the Z10).

With the choice of wing-nuts (to allow easy adjustment) or normal nuts (to lock the Superstand into one place), this is the stand for "every wheel". And this isn't just because it has a variable width... We invested a significant amount of time checking the range of pedal heights, as well as both hanger and pedal widths. This allowed us to design the optimal profile for the Superstand, with a stepped top that caters to wheels with pedals either open or closed.

And while we think we have got it right, please remember that this is the first batch (so there may be a few tweaks before the second one). We will also be looking to get as much feedback on these as possible, just to ensure we are providing the best possible solution for every wheel.

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EUC Superstand of furniture

Solid materials, excellent stability and beautiful design.

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Sheer Simplicity

This stand is a design triumph. It couldn't be easier to assemble, it's rapidly and infinitely adustable to fit any EUC on the market, it's rock solid, and it looks superb. A perfect blend of form and function.

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