Gotway Mten3

GST included

Possibly the most-fun EUC ever made, the Mten3 will definitely put a smile on anyones face!

Whether you are looking for a fun second-wheel to keep handy, or just after a "last miler" the Mten3 is worth a look...

  •  An insane 10" × 3" (tubeless) tyre
  •  Leg pads to maximise ride comfort
  •  Headlamp
  •  LED sidelights
  •  Motor cut-off switch for lifting the wheel
  •  Android/iPhone app connectivity

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The Gotway Mten3 is a great wheel to have handy for when you just need to kill time waiting outside the mall, or have to make an urgent run from the couch to the beer fridge! 

The Mten3 is one of the most unique wheels out there and it is just fantastic for short cruises or to try out new skills.

Included in the box is;

  •  Begode/Gotwaqy Mten3 electric unicycle
  •  Begode/Gotwaqy Mten3 user guide
  •  Begode/Gotwaqy Mten3 battery charger


Data sheet

Wheel Size
255 mm / 10"
Maximum Speed
40 kmh
Maximum Load
120 kg
Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 2 customer reviews
Verified purchase

Great commuting wheel

The Gotway MTen3 is my first wheel. After 30km I already know it won’t be the last!<br /> <br /> I’m a 44yr old dad. I’m reasonably fit, not overweight, but also not some sort of thrill seeking, street racing stunt man. I was apprehensive about getting a wheel, but after watching a few videos of people much older and much bigger than me making it look easy - and after reading reviews of other, erm, “older” people on - I was convinced to give it a shot. In fact, the fantastic reviews (and positive purchase and support experiences) on this site also convinced me to buy my wheel through and leave my own review.<br /> <br /> I know that a smaller wheel has a bigger learning curve and is harder to control than a large wheel, but the MTen3 fits my requirements perfectly. I want a wheel to commute to work (about 3km each way) and carry up an elevator to my office. I want a wheel to ride to the gym and just shove in my bag and leave in the locker. I want a wheel that’s good in a city and can come on the odd shopping trip. This wheel does all that perfectly, and is just so fun to boot. Every ride leaves me with a smile.<br /> <br /> It took about 20 minutes to learn to even mount the wheel. For that 20 minutes I was convinced that I would never be able to do it. But once I rode my first few meters, every try after that was better than the last. I took the wheel to the local school a couple of times and quickly got the hang of accelerating, stopping, tight turns, navigating bumps and small rises. After about 2hrs of wheel time I was ready to try commuting. I’ve had the MTen3 just over a week now and have commuted the last few days. I just love it so much. Each time is easier (or at least more comfortable/less stressful) than the last.<br /> <br /> And yes, I use the word stressful. Because, don’t get me wrong - there are some niggles! If your pavement is cracked and beaten (like Palmerston North) the wheel will tend to veer off and follow lines. Hitting a sudden bump will send the wheel into a squirrelly jiggle. It is stressful BUT you learn to anticipate it, ride it out and be comfortable with it. <br /> <br /> So sometimes, for these reasons I wish I had bought a 16” wheel, but then again, for my requirements the MTen3 is perfect. And it gives me an excuse to buy a second, bigger wheel in a year or so!<br /> <br /> Tip: I purchased a bodyguard for it, and I have cut additional foam padding and stuffed it inside the bodyguard over the upper padding. This allows me to grip the wheel better with my shins and dramatically reduces wobbles and gives me better control.<br /> <br /> I wear just regular clothes (jeans or shorts, t-shirt or jersey), but a decent ebike helmet (Kali City) and wrist guards (Triple Eight wrist saver II). Highly recommend both of these.<br /> <br />

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Lives up to expectations

Videos and forum posts about this little wheel are for the most part glowingly positive, and my first 30km on it has proved them to be accurate! For the first 12 or so km it takes some getting used to as it does follow dips in the road surface very suddenly. One I got used to this I feel like it's improving my overall riding skill by encouraging me to keep leg muscles nice and loose, knees bent. <br /> <br /> At first, coming from a slightly larger wheel, I found it a bit hard to turn without feeling insecure, but after the first 12km it then felt like the wheel is reading my mind and just going where I want, including tight figure 8s which is a lot of fun. I tend to do about 2-4km per trip, from my office running errands on the footpath, and this little wheel is perfect for riding in pedestrian areas as it is nice and stable at slow speeds.<br /> <br /> I bought this as a secondary wheel and it does the job very well, to the extent that I have probably been riding it even more than my main wheel. It's fun, and it's hassle-free. Highly recommend.

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