Begode Mten4

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If the Mten3 is the most fun EUC ever made, then the Mten4 is the most INSANE!

Whether you are looking for a fun second wheel to keep handy, or just after a "last miler", on-road or off-road the Mten4 is in a league of it's own...

  •  An insane 11" × 3" tyre
  •  Powerful headlamp
  •  Android/iPhone app connectivity

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The Gotway Mten4 is a great wheel to have handy for when you just need to kill time waiting outside the mall, have to make an urgent run from the couch to the beer fridge, or even need to get in some quick off-roading! 

The Mten4 is one of the most unique wheels out there and it is just fantastic for short cruises or to try out new skills.

Included in the box is;

  •  Begode/Gotwaqy Mten4 electric unicycle
  •  Begode/Gotwaqy Mten4 user guide
  •  Begode/Gotwaqy Mten4 battery charger


Data sheet

Wheel Size
280 mm / 11"
Motor Power
1000 W
84 V
Maximum Speed
40 kmh
Maximum Load
100 kg
Rated 4.50 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 2 customer reviews
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Mten4/ kingsong s22

Wow thort it was impossible to ride but half hour later and determination I was wobbling up and down the road that was day 1 next day took down the beach on the hard sand and got it sused it so quite and .freeing as the distance u can cover is <br /> impressive,<br /> thank you to the team at rollz for bringing this technology to new Zealand ,. <br /> <br /> SO had the mten4 for few months and I still ride it everyday to run my dogs it's really jus gets easier the more u use it<br /> I liked it so much I got the kingsong s22 and they are two very different wheels almost had to re learn as your up in the air a lot higher on the kingsong bit of trouble at the start but once I calibrated the s22 I was away like the wind , the suspension is Kool now able to jump no problem down local bmx track and don't hav to be so Vigilant watching out for evry bump jus rollz over most things no problem I ride my one wheels way more than my dirt bike and I love my dirt bikes but iam 43 and the one wheels don't piss anyone off with noise and that's wats so relaxing wen riding them anytime pretty much anywhere

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Little wheel, big fun

Update after much more extensive riding. The thoughts below are all still relevant, but if you are an experienced rider and want something fun to ride, you have to try one. If are a new rider, or anyone looking for something with more range, more torque, similar speed and more portability than a rental electric scooter, this wheel is a serious option. The trolley handle is the only thing you need to consider a drawback for its size and that can be added on separately. You can ride very slow due to it's wide tire, great for navigating people carefully. I can ride up to 20-25kph most of the time, but have hit 30kph, I get about 35km range on a single charge including a few hills. I can't stop riding this thing!<br /> <br /> <br /> Original review:<br /> This is a tough wheel to review. I have owned a Kingsong 16S, 16X, S22 and an Inmotion V11 so this is my 5th (and smallest) wheel. I am an ~85kg rider with gear for reference. The appeal is certainly it's size, but without a lift sensor and trolley handle, it still isn't necessarily a convenient wheel to use as a last mile commute or to nip around town as you will still have to carry it indoors and turn it off any time you need to take a few stairs. An Inmotion V8s or a Kingsong 16S are only a little bit more expensive and probably offer a but more utility and capability overall, as well as a little more flexibility in navigating surface bumps with their larger wheel. However, the styling of the Mten4, the overall size, and the power and range you do get make it an incredibly fun wheel to ride. It's not really for the road, but it also means you are not at all intimidating to pedestrians sharing the footpath. It can still traverse basic grass and gravel/rough surfaces well, so it's not limited to sealed surfaces. The headlight and taillight add some flair also. The handle works well and the screen is handy for checking battery and range (but not always readable while riding), but you don't want to have to carry any wheel for too long and any time you can't be riding you will have to be carrying it. That said, on a bus or train or under a seat at a cafe, people would almost not even notice you had a personal electric vehicle (PEV) with you! I feel it's got plenty of power and torque for it's size and am very happy travelling at up to 25kph on it despite it's small wheel. Range seems more than enough for multiple short trips of several km each without worrying about running out of battery.<br /> If you are looking for a wheel for a light/small adult rider or a child, or you are experienced and just want a fun wheel and don't have expectations of super long range it's definitely worth a look, and with a trolley handle if they become available, then it would be very good wheel to consider if you don't want a more traditional 16 inch size and a unique wheel appeals to you. Everyone should definitely at least check it out. When it gets a trolley handle, then it's even more of a must look!

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