Inmotion V11

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This is the Inmotion V11, one of the most luxurious wheels available today!

For those that appreciate comfort along with power and range, this EUC should be worth considering;

  •  Dual suspension system
  •  Super-bright headlight
  •  Automobile-height brake/tail light
  •  Motor cut-off switch for lifting the wheel
  •  Integrated trolley handle for portability
  •  Android/iPhone app connectivity

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The Inmotion V11 is a wheel that you won't be outgrowing and it is built to last.

One of the most comfortable wheels available in 2021, the V11 is a wheel you can ride all day.

Included in the box is;

  •  Inmotion V11 electric unicycle
  •  Inmotion V11 user guide
  •  Key tools and shock pump
  •  Inmotion battery charger


Data sheet

Wheel Size
455 mm / 18"
Motor Power
2200 W
84 V
Maximum Speed
50 kmh
Maximum Load
120 kg
Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 2 customer reviews
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Smooth and safe - recommended

I have already owned two 16 inch wheels, a 16S and 16X (also purchased from Roll.NZ). Both those wheels are great, but the V11 with it's larger 18 inch tire, and suspension and excellent lights (especially a relatively high and very visible tail light) makes this a much safer wheel on roads, for my usage. While suspension is often discussed for offroad, I like the added safety it brings if a manhole cover or road surface is uneven which can catch a rider off guard, and the lights make you far more visible without having to add extra ones on your body or helmet (still recommended!). The wheel feels a bit more premium and that includes small quality of life things like the confirmation tones being softer than some other wheels loud "beeps" when you power the wheel on or lift it which draws less attention if you are walking indoors with it.<br /> <br /> I added the after market honeycomb pedals/footplates (also from Roll.NZ)and those are awesome. They look great and provide much more grip, even though the stock pedals/footplates are still very decent.<br /> <br /> Roll.NZ's service, advice, and after purchase care was as excellent as always. This is my 3rd wheel from them and I already intend to return to them again when I want my next one. That's not to imply wheels need to be upgraded regularly, all mine are still going strong, this is just an addicted riders review!<br /> <br /> I also highly recommend their Bodyguards, I ride hard sometimes and have had the odd offroad tumble and the Bodyguards do a great job of protecting modest impacts, and just keep the wheel looking much more pristine that it would be without - great for resale value and lowering the risk of minor damage and repairs. The V11 one doesn't cover all of the V11's surface, like most (not a fault of the Bodyguard, just a limitation of the shape of the wheel and how a cover can be attached), but the saddle protection is still appreciated and also adds grip.<br /> <br /> Recommended!

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Verified purchase

Perspective from a new rider

I thought I'd review this while I'm still new to riding EUC's in the hope it's relevant to anyone else thinking of taking the plunge into EUC riding. As a beginner wheel I have found the V11 to be an excellent choice. It feels extremely stable and comfortable to ride and I was riding it across a sports field with no problems after a couple of minutes. I believe the suspension has proven to be particularly helpful while I'm learning as it eats up the bumps allowing me to spend more time riding and less time falling. Braking and accelerating feels very smooth and again very manageable for a beginner. I'm 172 cm tall and weigh 70 kg and the trolley handle is the perfect height and makes it a breeze for getting on and off a train (part of my daily commute). Coming home at night I feel completely confident riding in the dark with the very powerful head light illuminating my path ahead. Only time it's a bit tricky is going up a hill since the light then is angled incorrectly but I take hills pretty slowly anyway so hasn't been a problem to date. I still have the wheel limited to 25 km/h and find this plenty fast enough for now but am pleased that I will be able to increase this as my experience increases thus I won't be outgrowing this wheel any time soon. I would also like to note that the entire buying process from was very smooth. Great communication and service.

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