International Shipping

International shipping is currently available for the EUC Bodyguard and selected parts & accessories. If we have a part listed that is not available internationally, please let us know and we can see what we can work out. However, we do not ship EUC internationally. These are available for purchase and delivery within New Zealand only.

For items shipped internationally, due to international shipping delays we currently only offer DHL Express;

  1. DHL Courier (with signature required) - this is the fastest and most reliable international shipping method 2 to 10 days.

Lost or Damaged Items

In the event of an item arriving damaged or not arriving at all, we are required to adhere to the following process to ensure our shipping agent provides the relevant compensation (for both and our customers);

  1. An item is not considered as "lost" until at least one week after the maximum expected delivery date.
  2. Once our shipping agent considers the item to be significantly overdue and therefore "lost" (or if the item has been received in a damaged state) they will contact the receiver to obtain a declaration to confirm the non-delivery (or damage).
  3. Once both of the above have occurred, our shipping agent will contact us to advise that compensation will be provided.
  4. Following the confirmation from our shipping agent (and only after that confirmation), we will work directly with our customer to either provide a replacement product or a full refund.

This is the standard process that is offered to us by our shipping agent. Any customers who are not happy with this process are welcome to contact us prior to purchase to discuss. Purchasing a product without a written variation (from to this process is considered as accepting the process as outlined above.