How it Works
What Happens Next
First Right of Refusal

Due to the ever increasing range of EUC available (and considering the current shipping delays) we are now offering riders the option to place a deposit on EUC models, securing their unit(s) once available.

How it Works

By selecting an EUC model and paying the associated deposit, you will have your name placed on a list for the next available unit (whether it is "being manufactured" or already "in transit").

If at any time you change your mind about the model that you want, you can advise us of this and we will reallocate your deposit to the new EUC model. At this time however, if there are any other riders who have already placed a deposit on that EUC model, your placement will be at the "end of the queue" for that model.

You can change your mind about the EUC model that you want multiple times, but at each change you will (once again) be placed at the end of "the queue".

What Happens Next?

Once your wheel arrives in New Zealand, it will take (at least) a few days to get down to us to check and dispatch. At this time we will email you to advise that your wheel is almost ready, and to request a payment of the balance. With the balance paid, your wheel will fast-tracked for checking and shipping on to you.

However, if you have not paid the balance by the time we receive your wheel, it will still be allocated to you and can remain in our warehouse for up to 14 days. After that time we will contact you to confirm that you still want the wheel and to arrange payment of the balance.

Based on situation, longer term arrangements can be made at this time. If however, there are other parties intersted in that wheel, you will have the first right of refusal.

If no agreement can be reached at that time, reserves the right to cancel the order and refund the deposit, less any costs that have been incurred for the supply of the EUC.

First Right of Refusal

Any wheels that are in stock and have had a deposit paid on them are allocated to you.

If however, another rider requests the same EUC model and there are no other units of that model in stock, then will contact you to confirm whether or not you want to "claim" that unit. If you want to claim the unit, then payment for the balance of the unit is required within 7 days. Once payment has been recieved, then the EUC will be forwarded using our standard shipping.

If the unit is not claimed at that time, then the other rider will be able to (effectively) "jump the queue" and can take the allocated unit. The rider that had previously paid the deposit can choose to remain on the list (for the next available unit) or to have a refund of the depost amount (less handling fees).