GW MCM5 EUC Bodyguard

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The first premium electric unicycle protective cover, the EUC Bodyguard is tailored to fit your EUC like a glove - retaining the awesome look of your wheel but adding a significant layer of protection to maintain the value of your prized electric unicycle!

Manufactured from reinforced neoprene, then flat-locked and bound for maximum strength the EUC Bodyguard is the only product available that will protect your wheel from both scratches and impacts (within reason).

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Colour Combination
In Stock

Available as standard with coloured edge or side panels (or just in black). Contact us if you would like a variation to this...

Regardless of how long you have been riding, sooner or later every rider will fall. And whether your wheel is "completely pristine" or "extremely well-loved" this is the best way to protect your investment from as much damage as possible.

Tailored for the Gotway MCM5, this EUC Bodyguard will protect your wheel while you push it to the limit;

  •  Easy fitting and removal whenever required
  •  Quick-fastening for simplicity and security
  •  Cut-out for the charging port and headlight
  •  Visibility of LED light-ring

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Zen when learning

As a beginner to EUCs I had such a hard time letting the wheel fall. This took my attention away from what was really important, learning how to ride. I went the baby foam route which did a decent job but with the constant spills ate away at the foam. To be expected! So I decided to order the Bodyguard and install it over my existing foam. The result was amazing! This thing really stretched and conformed to the wheel. Outer durability with a crash buffer underneath. Sure the wheels going take bumps along the way but at least I have peace of mind knowing its way more equipped for there job.<br /> <br /> Photo 1: Baby bumper foam<br /> Photo 2: Bodyguard over the baby bumper foam<br /> Photo 3: Shows the layering of protection

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Super Produit !!!

Acheter pour ma MCM5 V2 la housse s'adapte parfaitement. <br /> Merci

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Great idea and top quality

I love my bodyguard for the MCM 5 V2.<br /> Chrissy’ s idea to make holes at the footplates allows you to make the footplates stay put, when trollying the wheel - and it works perfectly :-)<br /> <br /> I have carambites jump pads and the MCM5 original side pads attached under the bodyguard and this also works very well.<br /> <br /> I am certain that this bodyguard has increased my wheels value in every respect.<br /> <br /> Get one for your wheel - You won’t regret it ;-)<br /> <br /> Cheers Måns, Denmark

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Verified purchase

Big astonishment bodyguard

Fits to perfection, applause details and finishes and durable material.

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