Inmotion V12

GST included Usually delivered (within NZ) in 3-5 days.

Inmotion's new 100 V wheel, the V12 is now available locally within New Zealand!

Building on the success of the V11, Inmotion has developed the V12 as their new flagship 16" wheel.

  •  Built-in kick-stand
  •  Full-colour LCD touch screen
  •  User-configurable ambience lighting
  •  Integrated trolley handle for portability
  •  Automatic and adjustable headlamp (high and low beam options) 
  •  Rated IPX5
  •  Built-in side pads for comfort
  •  User-configurable performance/safety modes
  •  Motor cut-off switch for lifting
  •  Android/iPhone app connectivity

Note: Purchasing a V-12 entitles you to a 33% discount on the matching EUC Bodyguard when purchased at the same time.

Motor Type
In Stock

If you like a 16" wheel, then this is a wheel worth thinking about!

It starts with a 16" × 3" tyre, which is driven by a "smooth-as-butter" 2500 W motor (5000 W maximum), Giving you more grip and torque than you knew you needed.

Taking things to the next level, Inmotion has added a full-colour touch-screen to the V12... Not only a way to see vital stats while riding, but a way to reconfigure your wheel without even looking for your cellphone.

Included in the box is;

• Inmotion V12 electric unicycle
• Inmotion user guide
• Inmotion 100V battery charger


Data sheet

Wheel Size
405 mm / 16"
Motor Power (nom. / max.)
2500 / 5000 W
100 V
Maximum Speed
70 kmh
Maximum Load
120 kg
Rated 2.50 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 2 customer reviews
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Best purchase in years

If you want absolute comfort on NZ roads go for suspension and 18"+. If you want tank like build quality, a great battery and plenty of headroom for commuting comfortably then this wheel delivers! Just covered 400km and will continue to ride around 100km a week. The wheel is comfortable and super manoeuvrable!! Being a 16x3 even though this is the HS version it has plenty of torque (I'm 90kg in riding gear) easy to position and I think probably the best size for learning not too small not too huge. The only draw back is long trips on bad roads will definitely fatigue you, but if your willing to stick at it I'm sure this will get better. The amount of customisation this thing has is insane. Want a custom LED set up you can make it down to individual diode control. Don't like the stock sounds change them. Want some music it has speakers. Don't like the footplate height you can change that. Dont like the feel of acceleration or braking ALL TUNEABLE!!! I did like the stock set up but if you get the inmotion honey comb foot plates and some power pads and play with some settings it takes the wheel to an entirely different level. I rode to work when we got snow!!! <br /> <br /> The team at Roll were fantastic answered my questions and delivered my wheel very quickly after it arrived in nz. Very well packaged and great to know we have a local stockist and local support that can get spare parts and stock great accessories. Can't wait to see them grow and the community along with them in NZ

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