Kingsong S19 - angle view
  • Kingsong S19 - angle view
  • Kingsong S19 - side view
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Kingsong S19

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Following the success of the S22 Pro, Kingsong has developed and refined their new form-factor... The result of that is the King Song S19.

With the addition of a sound-system and some less-aggressive bodywork,the S19 is the ideal urban ride - but it is also great off-road!

  •  Optional air-shock or coil suspension system
  •  4th generation suspension slider system
  •  Honeycomb pedals
  •  Built-in kick-stand
  •  LCD screen
  •  Integrated trolley handle for portability
  •  Automatic and adjustable headlamps
  •  Factory side pads for comfort
  •  User-configurable performance/safety modes
  •  Motor cut-off switch for lifting
  •  Bluetooth speakers
  •  Android/iPhone app connectivity

In Stock

If you want a more subtle suspension EUC that you can adjust to your riding style and terrain, then you need an S19!

Sporting an 18" × 3" knobbly tyre, driven by a powerful 3500 W motor and with a 1776 Wh battery capacity - the S19 will get you where you want, and look awesome while you're getting there...

Included in the box is;

  •  King Song S19 EUC
  •  King Song S19 User Manual
  •  Large and small factory side pads
  •  High-pressure shock pump (air shock option only)
  •  100.8 V / 5 A charger


Data sheet

Wheel Size
455 mm / 18"
Motor Power
3500 W
126 V
Maximum Speed
60 kmh
Maximum Load
120 kg
Rated 4.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 1 customer reviews

The smooth operator.

Having ridden over 1200km with this wheel, my affection for it remains strong. It offers a stable and smooth ride, akin to floating on a cloud. This wheel has become my go-to for daily commutes and leisurely rides, proving its versatility on both sealed and gravel surfaces with the C-186 tyre. Attention to tyre pressure is crucial; exceeding 31psi, especially for those 70kg or lighter, can lead to less precise turns. The included air shock pump is inadequate, and I advise investing in a superior one from a bicycle shop. The wheel's travel range suits the casual rider well—I cover 30km on my work commutes at speeds up to 45km/h, with the battery at 40% upon returning home. While the pads offer comfort, they lack support for the toes during jumps, leading to instability. The kill switch, activated by a touch sensor, can be a source of frustration, yet it's manageable. An adjustable pedal height would enhance maneuverability, preventing ground contact during sharp turns. The wheel's 100V system and 3500W motor deliver commendable power, though one may quickly adapt to it. Overall, this wheel excels in power, suspension, and design, offering an enjoyable and high-quality riding experience everywhere.

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