• KS-18L
  • KS18XL
  • KS18L
  • KS18XL
  • KS18L
  • KS18XL
  • Internal trolley handle
  • 2x USB accessory charging ports
  • Dual charging ports for a faster refill
  • 20 cm pedals fitted as standard (25 cm pedals available as an optional extra)
  • King Song 18L & 18XL

Kingsong 18L & 18XL

GST included Usually delivered (within NZ) in 3-5 days.

Released mid-2018, this EUC is the "elder-statesman" of the Kingsong fleet. But don't think that older means outdated.

With over a year of R&D invested in this wheel, it has been one of the most anticipated wheels of 2018. And it still doesn't disappointed!

  •  Integrated trolley handle for portability
  •  Leg pads to maximise ride comfort
  •  Headlamp and brake light
  •  Configurable LED side lights
  •  Real-time motor monitoring for extra safety
  •  Automatic motor cut-off when lifted
  •  4 × Bluetooth speakers (amplified)
  •  Variable cooling fan inside for heat dissipation
  •  Android/iPhone app connectivity
  •  Dual charging ports (for faster recharge)

Note: Purchasing a KS-18L entitles you to a 35% discount on the matching EUC Bodyguard when purchased at the same time.

In Stock

If you're going to unicycle anywhere, then why not unicycle there in decadent luxury?

From the added stability and comfort that comes with the 18" × 2.5" tyre, through to the smooth 2000 W motor (4000 W maximum), everything about this wheel has been designed for the ultimate user experience.

Add in the rigour of the King Song quality control on top of all this, and the KS-18L surely has to be something to covet.

Charging time for the KS-18L is approximately 7 hours with one charger (3½ hours if using two chargers).

Included in the box is;

• KS-18L electric unicycle
• KS-18L user guide
• King Song 84V battery charger


Data sheet

Wheel Size
455 mm / 18"
Motor Power (nom. / max.)
2200 / 4200 W
Pedal Height
160 mm
84 V
Maximum Speed
50 kmh
Maximum Load
120 kg
24 kg
Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews

Absolute legend!

Would give 10 stars if i could! Kevin went above and beyond with outstanding service. This is my first wheel and it is amazing, very sturdy and the ride feels much smoother than i could have imagined. I'm also very happy i decided to get the bodyguard, I've already taken some tumbles while learning and the KS18 is unmarked and the cover still looks like new. <br /> I will recommend everyone to come to Roll.nz for their EUCs.

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Awesome cruising wheel!

So, this is my first wheel, I've now had it about 2 months & have done over 300km. I started out by doing a good bit of research & talking to Kevin, who was awesome. The result of all this was me choosing the 18XL, as I'm a 110KG + gear rider. I have to say, it was a gret decision! It's huge fun & practical, you can be all over the place in no time. This machine has the power to get me up Mt Victoria & One Tree Hill & I've had it going at 44Kp/H.<br /> All the reviews say this is one of the top cruising wheels & they aren't wrong.<br /> Do get the Bodyguard cover, it's really tough & looks great. Do also make sure you have a full face helmet & decent gloves (I got the ones from Roll NZ & have been happy with them) as a minimum. I would also recommend decent knee guards & went the whole hog & bought a ballistic jersey too.<br /> I'm looking forward to having this wheel a long time & learning lots of skills on it!<br /> Here's a short video I made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahxUR9Dlenk&t=2s

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King Song....is on Song!!

Firstly the service from Roll.NZ is excellent. Nothing is too much trouble, they even delivered personally as I live in Wellington. The wheel was all tested and ready. Kevin helped to set the app up and gave me a run through.<br /> The 18L is a great machine, very stable, superbly made and as a newbie I feel very confident in its performance. The cover which was an add on is absolutely superb. The pedals have some war wounds already but the cover is bullet proof...not literally but in its performance. I have ridden 60 is in the first week and the smile hasn’t left my face, even when I made mistakes and stumbled...I’m so engaged and thrilled I was able to buy from the team at Roll...I see them as my pit crew as I know there help will always be there.<br /> I purchased a Segway One E...I learned on that for 6 weeks then tested quite a few with Kevin, that was great as I knew what I wanted and needed. <br /> So if you want a machine that can cruise, feel stable and safe then this is a great option... I’m really looking forward to testing the suspension wheels but the KS 18 L will stay in my collection.<br />

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