GyroRiderz Gloves

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These are the new (version 2) Gyro-Gloves, designed especially for electric unicycle riders;

  •  Front & back wrist-guard reinforcement.
  •  Armoured finger protection.
  •  Touchscreen compatible finger/thumb pads.
  •  Large side opening for quick fitting.
  •  Fully adjustable 3-point fastening system.

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Supplied to us courtesy of GyroRiderz, these are the first gloves designed for EUC Riders, by an EUC Rider!

Combining wrist-guard protection with full-hand protection that comes from wearing gloves, these provide the best of both worlds!

These have been superbly designed in France, then extremely well made in Pakistan and delivered to you through to provide everything you should want for EUC riding.


Brand: GyroRiderz
Glove material: High quality cow leather
Protection: ABS Plastic

Rated 3.75 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 4 customer reviews


For me the touchscreen works great, I just sent my wife an email with my gloves on. The fit is amazing. And they are comfortable!

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They Work!

I got these after my Hillbillies velcro stopped sticking and one of the straps actually broke. I had a large in both the Hillbillies and the Gyroriders. <br /> The BIG difference is that in the Gyroriders my hands are not completely useless. They have an elastic fit and so are much snugger on my fingers. The hillbillies were more like heavy gardening gloves, and i couldn't take something out of my pocket or do my shoe laces in them. Even holding onto a pole at rhe lights was a difficult. These things are still hard in the Gyroriderz but at least they are possible.<br /> The other thing that makes the Gyroriders more usable is that the wrist protector is much less prominent. I was worried that they wouldn't be as protective... Unfortunately I just found out that they work quite well. My hands are and wrists suffered no damage or pain in a recent fall. I am very grateful for the full finger protection. <br /> The only downside is that they cost more than two (maybe three) times as much as the Hillbillies. If the velcro doesn't last, that will be an issue.

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Great gloves

I haven't been able to test these fully as I haven't fallen off but they feel like they would protect my hands and wrists quite well in the event of a fall. <br /> <br /> The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because for over $100 I would expect some better craftsmanship, they probably won't last more than a year just because the elastic strap is already fraying in a few places.

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The touch screen does not work

The touch screen does not work with any finger, the Nokia 7 phone.

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