16X - Side View
  • 16X - Side View
  • 16X - Front Profile
  • 16X - Front Angle
  • 16X - Back Angle
  • 16X - Back Profile
  • 16X - Trolley Handle
  • 16X - Pedal
  • 16X - Mudflap

King Song 16X & 16XS

GST included

Following on from the awesome success of the 18L/XL in 2018, King Song are now taking the same motor (and the same power supply) and are putting it into a brand-new totally-redesigned 16 inch wheel... The KS-16X!

Now available as "standard" with 1554 Wh or "small" with a reduced 777 Wh battery.

  •  Integrated trolley handle for portability
  •  Headlamp and brake light
  •  Configurable LED sidelights
  •  Real-time motor monitoring for extra safety
  •  Automatic motor cut-off when lifted
  •  5 × Bluetooth speakers (amplified)
  •  Dual charging ports (for faster recharge)

For more details, see the description below...

Note: Purchasing a KS-16X entitles you to a 35% discount on the matching EUC Bodyguard when purchased at the same time.

In Stock

Having delivered the "best" all-round new wheel for 2018, King Song is now taking this success and scaling it down into the totally new-look KS-16X. With more power than the 18XL crammed into a smaller shell, with a 16×3" tyre, the power of the 16X will be more than you could wish for!

With a totally new look and the 3" wide tyre, the 16X is already positioned to become "the wheel of 2019"! Whether you have a relaxed urban jungle commute or ride hard out in the actual jungle of New Zealand, the raw climbing power of this wheel combined with the grip that comes from a 3" tyre is expected to be phenomenal...

Any questions, feel free to email us or use our contact form.

Included in the box is;

  •  KS-16X electric unicycle
  •  KS-16X user guide
  •  King Song 84V battery charger


Data sheet

Wheel Size
405 mm / 16"
Motor Power (nom. / max.)
2000 W (XS) or 2200 W (X)
84 V
Maximum Speed
50 kmh
Maximum Load
120 kg
Rated 4.75 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 4 customer reviews

Fantastic beginner wheel

After much research I decided to purchase the KS 16Xs as my very first EUC. Contacting the team at Roll NZ was a breeze and Kevin always replied to my emails within 1 working day, if not same day.<br /> The wheel is absolutely fantastic so smooth with power delivery. The bodyguard made is of superb quality as well.<br /> Overall I am extremely impressed with the service of RollNZ and the quality of the products they supply. 10/10 will buy again.

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Plenty of torque for hills, power for speed and battery for range!

First, for those who think about getting into EUC - just do it. Your brain will eventually sort the balancing skills (it will - human brain is designed to sort balancing as a priority) and you will get the super-human ability you haven't even thought exist: road gliding!...<br /> KS16X is a fantastic machine! To date I have done over 700km on it and can't be happier. It is just perfect for Dunedin's hilly environment. I have now ridden about every hill in the area, including our Baldwin St (the steepest street in the world) - no problem. I am 92kg and I am getting about 100km from a full charge with getting up and down the hills. It also is quite stable (of course depending on the rider's skills) at 40km/h + speeds. I love the headlight, quite sufficient for the city. Trolley handle is also very comfortable to just walk it into any office or shop. <br /> Also, the design is quite robust and will tolerate quite a lot of beating. If you are a beginner or intermediate (or returning to riding like me), get the "bodyguard" - you won't regret. In a couple of weeks of adjusting to the wheel you may take it off and let the wheel look like new.<br /> Also thanks to Kevin for a great experience and support!<br /> (P.S. Kingsong app sucks - don't bother, load the EUC World or DarknessBot!)

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Verified purchase

Best investment I've ever made

It's fast, powerful, great range. <br /> I've only ridden about 45km but it's already proven to be a car replacement.

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Verified purchase

Smooth, quiet, range!

After upgrading from a 16S which I was very happy with, this wheel just has more to give. No range anxiety, wide tire, lots of torque. The only downsides are the ones necessary for those features, as the 16X is larger and heavier than other 16 inch wheels. Very happy owner. Great service from Roll.NZ.

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