King Song 16S

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If you want to have a bit of everything in your wheel and you want to have fun taking the long way to get anywhere, then consider the KS-16S.

With this wheel you get;

  •  Integrated trolley handle for portability
  •  Sensor to disengage motor when lifted
  •  Leg pads to maximise ride comfort
  •  Headlamp and brake light
  •  Configurable LED side lights
  •  Bluetooth speakers
  •  Cooler inside for heat dissipation
  •  Android/iPhone app connectivity

Note: Purchasing a KS-16S entitles you to a 33% discount on the matching EUC Bodyguard when purchased at the same time.

In Stock

Note: Standard colours for this model are silver or matte black. White or gloss black are available, but by special order only.

Measuring 506mm (H) x 463mm (L) x 196mm (W) the KS-16S is a great "all-purpose" wheel. And with a choice of battery sizes available, you can have long range or "even longer" range.

With Bluetooth connectivity to your Android or iPhone, you can view information about the wheel and adjust configurable settings - this includes the riding characteristics of the wheel, some safety settings and also display options for the LED side lights. You can also stream music to the wheels internal speakers.

Included in the box is;

  •  KS-16S electric unicycle
  •  KS-16S user guide
  •  King Song 67V battery charger


Data sheet

Wheel Size
405 mm / 16"
Motor Power (nom. / max.)
1200 / 3000 W
Pedal Height
120 mm
67 V
Maximum Speed
35 kmh
Maximum Load
150 kg
18 kg
Rated 4.75 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 4 customer reviews

Great wheel

I’ve now had the 16S for a year, just clocked up 1000 km and loving it. I’m a 65-year old with a knee replacement, so I ride conservatively and have good safety gear. It’s fantastic exercise for strengthening knees. Riding an EUC has a long, not-too-steep learning curve, so with every ride I feel my skills improving, which I’m sure helps with the satisfaction. The 16S was a good choice, plenty of power, not too heavy, and versatile – I’ve taken it on tricky narrow bike paths with out any trouble. I've had fantastic support from

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Two thumbs up!

Over a year on and over 1200 KMs clocked mileage, still enjoying every minute of riding on this very reliable wheel...

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2 months in and loving it!

This was my first wheel which I chose after extensive research. I own this wheel and also a KS14s which I bought for my partner (similar ride, just slightly smaller). The 16s is GREAT to learn on. Plenty of power, excellent range and very comfortable to ride. What has really impressed me is it's off-road capability - I've taken this wheel through some pretty gnarly trails, over roots, gravel, and it handles it all pretty well...<br /> <br /> The lift to disengage sensor may need calibration at first but works fine after that. Best to lift it slowly, ensuring the BEEP before lifting it.<br /> <br /> The #1 upgrade i recommend is getting a BodyGuard protector because that has kept my wheel in pristine condition, even though it's taken some falls. <br /> <br /> Overall very happy with my choice and would recommend this wheel to others.

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Verified purchase

Great first wheel

I've owned this for over a year and loved it. The only reason I replaced it was for added range, but this wheel still can carry a 95kg riding weight over 30km including hills, much more on flat. It's a good size both to ride and to be able to carry/lift/stow away. I would easily recommend this to any rider that is happy at speeds around 30km or less and modest range needs. Also is good enough off road and have great torque for hills. Was totally reliable, and a proven design with no problems. Can't go wrong.<br /> <br /> Service and support from Roll.NZ has been brilliant also. I've needed a few spare parts (due to my own wear and tear, no fault of the wheel) and they've been able to supply and help with installation at fair prices.

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