Welcome to the one page on the entire Internet that contains absolutely everything that anyone might possibly want (or need) to know about the original EUC Bodyguard, a protective electric unicycle cover (by Roll.nz). Included on this page are the following sections;

KS-18L with Blue EUC Bodyguard from the San Diego cliff-tops.KS-18L with Blue EUC Bodyguard on a beach near L.A.

Fitting Instructions
Care and Cleaning


We originally only wanted an EUC cover to protect our demo / training wheels and allow learners to relax feel comfortable and confident without the worry and stress of damaging a "test EUC".

The prototype KS cover worked so well that our customers thought it was an optional extra. From this, the EUC Bodyguard was born!

Testing the EUC Bodyguard

We worked on numerous versions, and tried different types of neoprene, each edition being slightly more refined then the last. We had prototype models out with local riders, incorporating their feedback in the evolution from "a good protective cover" through to the EUC Bodyguard! The final result providing a sleek look that is constructed from an abrasion resistant material designed to maintain the lines and shape of the EUC, while also allowing access to all of the ports, buttons and sensors, as well as maintaining full functionality of both the head / tail lights and visibility of the side LED lights too. Something that was in no way at all an easy feat!

The EUC Bodyguard provides "all over" protection for your EUC body / shell as it is constructed from a neoprene (rubber), with an extra strong outer layer carefully selected to maximise protection while looking good no matter how many times your wheel falls, bounces or slides.

Assembled by hand, using extra-strong thread. The seams are stitched together using 6 strands of thread to ensure maximum strength and retain an all-over "togetherness", then the edges are bound. 

Every cover is then thoroughly inspected so that we know every single one leaving Roll.nz will perform as its owner expects.

Quality may be harder to find these days, but for us it is the only option.

We know the EUC Bodyguard isn’t the cheapest option, but it delivers on quality and durability, you can be assured that whether you are learning to ride (be it forwards or backwards) or even trying tricks. The EUC Bodyguard has your wheel covered and will last the distance.

NOTE: this isn’t a dust cover. It is a protective cover!

We also include a small sample(s) of the fabric with every EUC Bodyguard for you to perform your own tests on, so that you know just how robust they are.

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Fitting Instructions

For those after a more "visual" tutorial, please have a look at our EUC Bodyguard Fitting Video. Otherwise the steps for fitting are detailed below;

  1. Place your wheel upright and with the pedals open.

    1. If you are fitting the EUC Bodyguard alone, you may find it easier to do this with the wheel powered on.

  2. Now pull the EUC Bodyguard down over the wheel. This is most easily done holding the front and back of the EUC Bodyguard.

    1. For most King Song EUC there is only one way that the EUC Bodyguard fits, so check the position of the holes on the top panel and the position of the buttons / sensors / ports.

    2. The King Song 18L/XL EUC Bodyguard fits either way, but it is recommended that you fit it so that the top Velcro strip is to the side that you usually grab the handle from.

  3. Once the EUC Bodyguard in roughly in place, adjust the position of it to get the front / rear lights and ports aligned correctly and the top corners in position.

  4. Next, turn the four bottom tabs / pockets inside out. This allows them to easily flip back over and into position (under and to each side of the pedals). Check that the inside of the tab is pulled up snugly and is sitting flat to avoid any potential of it catching.

    1. If your EUC is powered on while doing this remember not to lift it off the floor. Also make sure it is being held firmly from the top and be extremely careful of your fingers around the wheel!

  5. Next check the side LED positions and adjust as required to get the maximum visibility.

  6. Finally, with the trolley extended, pull the two top pieces inward until they sit in a nice position (with good access to buttons and ports) and then press the Velcro strip together.

Once fitted, the natural stretch of the neoprene allows you to slide the EUC Bodyguard slightly in all directions, ensuring the best possible placement for maximum light output and port access.

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Care and Cleaning

To ensure you get the maximum lifespan out of your EUC Bodyguard, please follow these care and cleaning instructions.

Caring for your EUC Bodyguard

  • It is recommended that riders regularly remove their EUC Bodyguard to check for and remove any dirt or debris that may have become caught between the wheel and the cover.

  • Your EUC Bodyguard should never be put away, or back onto your EUC while it is wet or damp. Ensure it is completely dry first.

  • Do not fold your EUC Bodyguard when storing it.

  • Following a significant fall, even if there is no apparent damage to your EUC, it is recommended that you remove the EUC Bodyguard to ensure that no unseen damage has been sustained.

Cleaning your EUC Bodyguard

  1. To remove dust, dirt and other debris use a clean brush to dust it away. An unused 3-4” paint brush is ideal for this.

  2. For more stubborn or damp foreign matter, a damp cloth can be used to wipe your EUC Bodyguard clean. Then leave to dry out in a shady area.

  3. Should even more vigorous cleaning be required, use a soft brush with mild detergent in luke-warm water. Once again, leaving to dry out in a shady area.

  4. And if any further cleaning is required, please follow general cleaning instructions for neoprene wet-suits.

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For anyone interested in seeing an EUC Bodyguard out "in the wild" then here
are some of the places you might find one while you're out and about, wandering around the planet…

EUC Bodyguard Locations.

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