Whether you are already a Roll.nz customer or just hope to be one, if we can work out a time and place to meet up then we are more than happy to provide a bit of training to get you up and rolling!

Hint: If you can get to Wellington, it will be a lot easier to arrange something, as this is where we are based. In fact, if you aren't a local then why not make it an excuse to come to Wellington for an awesome weekend getaway (with training included).

What you need for training

Once we have worked out a time and place for training, all you need to do is meet us there and be ready to learn. Well, almost... While accomplished riders may (unwisely) choose to not wear any safety gear, for our training sessions a basic level of safety gear is mandatory!

The bare minimum that we require is a cycle helmet and wrist guards, which we can provide for the training session if you don't already have your own.

If you do have your own, then it will probably be a bit more comfortable, so please bring it all along with you. And don't feel that you are only allowed to bring helmets and wrist-guards. If you have elbow and knee pads (or any other protective-wear) that you would like to use, then bring them along with you.

Footwear is also important! We won't let you on one of our wheels if you are wearing jandals, stilettoes, or any other open-toed shoes. Instead, wear something a little safer... A flat-soled shoe or boot is ideal. If it has a stiff sole, then that is even better.

Other than that, some (more optional) things to consider are;

  •  Please don't wear a suit... Aim for something more comfortable and with a bit of stretch. And something that you won't stress about scuffing, should the worst case occur and you happen to make contact with the ground.

  •  Other than that, just dress for the weather at the time, with the relevant protection for wind, rain, sun, et cetera...

More things you should know

A typical training session takes about 90-120 minutes, so if you don't have that much time free then please let us know.

And for full disclosure, EUC riding uses a few muscles that you don't normally use. Depending on the model you are riding there may also be a bit of pressure on your calves. Combined, these can result in a bit of soreness later on (or the next day). Just think of it like a good gym workout... It is a good pain that you will soon overcome, making riding an EUC nothing but exhilarating fun!