The rules for personal electric vehicles vary depending on the country you are in, but for New Zealand the following applies;

Note: The following content is our opinion only and all riders should obtain their own legal opinion regarding legality.

Electric Unicycles

Currently these are somewhat "undefined" under New Zealand law. This is being reviewed at the moment, but until something changes officially EUC are not permitted to be ridden on the roads. This is because an EUC is generally considered as a motor vehicle, but as it cannot be registered it cannot be ridden on the road.

Footpaths and cycleways should be okay though, and of course private property.

But wherever they are being ridden, riders should always ride responsibly, be conscious of nearby pedestrians and treat them with courtesy and respect.

Electric Scooters

Scooters are slightly different to EUC, as they do not rely on the motor and can also be manually propelled.

When riding a manual scooter, it is considered similar to a skateboard and is able to be ridden to the same rules. But if operating under motor power, the same rules apply as for EUC (above).