For those thinking about becoming an Electric Unicyclist or Electric Scooterist, if you don't read anything else on this whole website please read the following paragraph...

The Personal Electric Vehicles (PEV) that we are supplying are not children's toys. They are well built and very powerful, capable of speeds in excess of 40 km/h (for some electric unicycles) and up to 70 km/h (for some electric scooters). So it is crucial that all riders wear the appropriate safety equipment!

Responsible riders that have experience with this type of riding will recommend wearing safety gear - even if you are riding at slower speeds, the following should be considered, in order of importance;

  1. A helmet and wrist guards
  2. Elbow and knee pads
  3. General "abrasion" protection

Because of the upright riding position, when you have an unexpected fall (and it will happen) it is the head and wrists that potentially have the worst impact. So if you do nothing else, protect your head and your wrists.

After that, as in the majority of falls, the next impact point will often be elbows and knees. And while these joints may be considered "less critical," the use of basic padding might prevent a considerable amount of pain and inconvenience.

As with any fall while "at speed" the loss of skin is something that would be ideal to avoid... So the appropriate protection should be used to prevent this as well.

Just like everything on this site, if you aren't sure and would like some input, please feel free to contact us to discuss suitable options.

And to finish, whatever safety precautions you do (or don't take). please ride responsibly and with consideration for others around you at all times!