Yes, this is another website trying to sell you something... But we want it to be more than just that.

Living in New Zealand it fantastic, but it is also a long way from everywhere, which means some things (like this new technology) is less accessible than it might be elsewhere. So we also want to ensure that we provide a fantastic level of service and support for everyone in New Zealand.

Whether it is guidance on what type of transport solution you need, or trying to identify an issue you may have, please contact us - we want to start (and keep) as many people rolling as possible! We want to provide product advice and recommendations (whether you buy from us or not) to ensure that you end up with a practical and functional solution.

And as the electric unicycles have a slightly steeper learning curve, if you would like any training then we are happy to work out how we can get you up and going.

And on top of all this, we offer a comprehensive level of after-sales support. So whatever your need, please contact us so we provide the assistance you need.