KS-16X EUC Bodyguard

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We are proud to now add the EUC Bodyguard for the King Song 16X to our product range!

Now you can protect this awesome new wheel, however and wherever you choose to ride. Though there are a few things to note about this cover;

The topmost LED (front and back) does not have a hole cut for it. This is to maintain the integral strength of the EUC Bodyguard and ensure it provides maximum protection.

The fastening at the bottom of the EUC Bodyguard also obscures the 6 bottom-most (ground-effect) LED. While not ideal, it needs to be secured somehow and this is the only way.

Our "grip pads" (as shown in a recent YouTube review by Marty Bake) are no longer available. We are trying to source a new supplier so that we can offer these once again.

Colour Combination
In Stock

Available as standard with blue, red or black side panels. Contact us if you would like a variation to this...

Regardless of how long you have been riding, sooner or later every rider will fall. And whether your wheel is "completely pristine" or "extremely well loved" this is the best way to protect your investment from as much damage as possible.

Tailored for the King Song 16X wheels, this EUC Bodyguard maintains the solid lines and features of your wheel without compromise;

  •  Easy fitting and removal whenever required
  •  Quick fastening for simplicity and security
  •  Cut-outs for the charging port, power button, light sensor and front / rear lights
  •  Designed for visibility of LED lights
  •  Included subwoofer cut-outs for optimum sound reproduction


Data sheet

Wheel Size
405 mm / 16"
Rated 4.90 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 10 customer reviews

good job !

- delivery is very fast<br /> - the neoprene fabric is very well made and thick<br /> - the set is perfectly adjusted to the wheel<br /> <br /> thank you for your painstaking work

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Great bodyguard

Many thanks to Chrissi for this beautiful bodyguard. The quality is outstanding. You can see that it is made with a lot of love and know-how. It is excellently processed and fits exactly. When driving it feels great and protects the wheel of course excellent. Also the e-mail contact leaves nothing to be desired. Chrissi really does everything so that the customer is happy. I am in any case very happy with it and can only recommend the bodyguard to everyone. Thank you for the excellent work.

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Great product

This protection make the Wheel more beautiful. The bodyguard fit perfectly the wheel and provide efficient protection against choc and dust.<br /> Thanks for this Nice design.

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Verified purchase

great product

Great Product. Now i' ve 2 ks16x; one black and the other ...green (perfectly protect!) I've left the old protections on and it fits very well. Thanks so much. B

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Quality Materials & Craftsmanship

This product oozes quality, fits perfectly and protects comprehensively. Only matched by the service Roll.nz provides to its customers.

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An essential add-on for your KS-16X!

The fit and finish of this EUC protector is utterly perfect. It does an amazing job of not only protecting the wheel, but also making it more comfortable and grippy to ride! I added an additional 7 inch strip of hook-and-loop to mine (sewn in, just above the pedal hole on either side of the cover) to assist in keeping the Bodyguard aligned on the body of the wheel. If I were to recommend any changes to this cover, the extra fastener material would be it; but I understand not everyone would want to affix a Velcro strip to their EUC. As-is, this cover works very well, fits the EUC perfectly (the headlight, light sensor, LED, speaker, and charge/USB port holes are perfectly aligned), and is very robust. Thanks for a great product.

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Wouldn't use a wheel without one!

I was VERY impressed with the durability of the EUC Bodyguard I bought for my 18XL, which over the course of about 8 months has taken quite the beating—everything from high-speed falls to rolling, tumbling, sliding & bouncing down rough dirt tracks with loose gravel and pointy rocks—, and after wiping it clean, there's still not a single tear or sign of wear. This is some seriously tough neoprene! <br /> <br /> So when I ordered my 16X, I went ahead and ordered a bodyguard alongside it (shipping was extremely fast, just 4 days from NZ to Spain!). With what the wheel cost, I can't see any sense in not protecting it, especially considering that the EUC BG (including shipping & custom duties) costs about 6% of the wheel's value and with all my trail-riding, the 16X is going to be subjected to its fair share of abuse. Honestly, I can't see myself not getting one for any future wheels I buy. Great product and even better customer service! I have no hesitation whatsoever recommending it!

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Wouldn't ride without one!

The latest version of the Bodyguard (at the time of review) shows a lot of improvements over the older fabrication methods used in the past and I was already very happy with my 16S Bodyguard. The one for the 16X exudes quality, fits well, is striking to look at and from past experience I'm confident it will protect the wheel from damage for any light to moderate bails. Highly recommended. The service from Roll.NZ is exemplary and their ability to accommodate custom requests is brilliant.

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i never bother to leave reviews but i was really impressed with the customer service. chrissi and kevin were very responsive and helpful. considering it was a preorder and Im in new york it got here very fast. it was immediately obvious that this is a good quality product with a lot of love put into it. fits my wheel perfectly! cut outs line up great.

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It protects

It does protect. I have had 2 spills and this cover kept the scratches away from my new 16x. However the bottom straps do no stay around the bottom of the EUC. It's maddening, the so called kevlar pouches are too loose and do not hold the bottom of the cover securely against the bottom of the shell. They always slip upward during any ride. I'm exploring options to keep the pieces under the pedals firmly affixed. The problem with these releasing is the rear brake lights are blocked by the cover if it's not securely tied to the bottom of the EUC.

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